Boston Harbor has seen many vessels over time, from canoes transporting Native Americans to the islands and fully-rigged sailing ships bound for ports around the world, to steamships bringing goods and new Bostonians to the docks. The harbor continues to thrive.

How many vessels can you identify?

  1. LNG tanker
  2. T ferry
  3. tugs guiding fuel vessel
  4. Roseway & Soling race
  5. bulk carrier
  6. Boston Pilot boats
  7. cruise ship
  8. harbor tour boat
  9. car carriers
  10. fishing boat
  11. container ship


How did the Harborwalk come to exist? [expand]

How did Colonial laws help create today's Harborwalk? [expand]

Boston Harbor — By the Numbers [expand]

What do Boston Harbor Pilots do? [expand]

How long have Harbor Pilot services existed? [expand]

What's the schooner Roseway's story? [expand]

What do tugboats do? [expand]

Who provides security and ensures safety? [expand]



Photographs by David J. Weaver

About us

The Friends of the Boston Harborwalk is a group of volunteers, affiliated with Boston Harbor Now, dedicated to enhancing enjoyment of Boston's 43-mile Harborwalk. The Friends meet monthly to plan and coordinate our three main priorities.

1. Host monthly two-hour long tours connected to the Harborwalk or Boston Harbor;

2. Facilitate waterfront clean-up days to ensure that the full length of the Harborwalk is clean, safe, and inviting;

3. Create engaging interpretive signs to help people learn about and enjoy the rich stories connected to Boston's waterfront.

For more information and to join the Friends, contact Mike Manning, Chair, .