Much has changed along Boston's waterfront and in the harbor since this image was drawn in 1848. Wharves were contructed and mud flats filled, creating more land. Buildings went up; others were torn down.

What else is different? Which Boston landmarks can you still see today?


How did the Harborwalk come to exist? [expand]

How did Colonial laws help create today's Harborwalk? [expand]

Why does the Custom House look so different? [expand]

What happened to the ferry between East Boston and the downtown wharf? [expand]

Where is the Perkins School for the Blind now? [expand]

Why did the Cunard Line come to East Boston? [expand]



Lithograph by C. W. Burton; Courtesy of Boston Athenaeum

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The Friends of the Boston Harborwalk is a group of volunteers, affiliated with Boston Harbor Now, dedicated to enhancing enjoyment of Boston's 43-mile Harborwalk. The Friends meet monthly to plan and coordinate our three main priorities.

1. Host monthly two-hour long tours connected to the Harborwalk or Boston Harbor;

2. Facilitate waterfront clean-up days to ensure that the full length of the Harborwalk is clean, safe, and inviting;

3. Create engaging interpretive signs to help people learn about and enjoy the rich stories connected to Boston's waterfront.

For more information and to join the Friends, contact Mike Manning, Chair, .